Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seniors Can Travel For Less with Discount and Coupon

Plane Discount Tickets for senior airfare are available, plus an additional savings coupon. I feel like shouting this from every corner of the world!

Everybody loves to travel, but it is an expensive recreation for most. However, the cost of traveling should not stop anyone from enjoying himself or herself, as long you become adept at discount travel.

I was delighted to see that at, I could find a senior discount benefit. Finding these deals made my heart sing and I wanted to blog about it. Tell as many other seniors about it as well.

Having a relaxing vacation is the ideal way to for many of us to reconnect with our loved ones. Even if you are traveling for business or emergencies, it is so helpful. has a 24/7, live customer support feature to answer any of those questions that might pop up. They were very friendly and took care of my concern. I really appreciated them for that.

If you need a hotel or car for your destination, you can find all of it right there. With their "lowest price policy for airfares on the web", I felt really assured.

I put their link just below ( in blue) to make it even easier for you to get there. Just click on it and it will take right to their site.

Save $10 Instantly on Senior Airfares and get an Additional $12 off using Coupon SRC12.

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